Packaging Trends Conference of GLBA in Istanbul

Apr 21, 2017

Consisting of 7 well known packaging design offices from 7 important cities of the world, GLBA - Global Local Branding Alliance’s 2017 conference has been held in Istanbul on 7 April 2017. GLBA members from Berlin, Moscow, Shanghai, New York, Johannesburg, São Paulo and Istanbul came together for the conference. As the alliance’s Turkey and Middle East representative, we are extremely proud of having held GLBA Conference in Istanbul.

During the conference that brought together the most important players of the industry, the experts reviewed global packaging design trends. Turkish brand and marketing directors from industries that benefit greatly from packaging design such as food, textile, personal care and cosmetics, attended the GLBA conference. Believing that packaging has to reflect the local values for global strategies, GLBA members shared local design trends from the regions they are representing. The Istanbul conference had Thomas Reiner (GLBA Berlin), Gail MacLeod (GLBA Johannesburg), Anna Lukanina (GLBA Moscow), Margot Takeda (GLBA São Paulo), XiaoDong Du (GLBA Shanghai) and Dr. Orhan Irmak (GLBA Istanbul) and) as speakers.

Following the conference, we had chance to have a business lunch with our guests where they met GLBA members in person. It was a great opportunity to discuss further about the packaging design trends in some specific sectors. The next GLBA conference will be held in 15 September 2017 in Berlin. We are already excited to meet German brand and marketing directors to share our own local insights from Turkey.

We would like to sincerely thank you to GLBA conference sponsors Mondi and Kuray Display. 

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